Frequently Asked Questions

Do consumers still read newspapers? More than 104 million adults read a print newspaper every day, more than 115 million on Sundays. That’s more people than watch the Super Bowl (94 million), American Idol (23 million) or that typically watch the late local news (65 million).

Do young people read newspapers? 61 percent of 18-24 year olds and 25-34 year olds read a newspaper in an average week and 65 percent of them read a newspaper or visited a newspaper website in the past week.

Does newspaper advertising work? Google’s own research shows that 56 percent of consumers researched or purchased products they saw in a newspaper. Google also says that newspaper advertising reinforces online ads: 52 percent are more likely to buy products if they see it in the paper.

Read the article from the Newspaper Association of America.

Do Newspapers Still Send Consumers To The Store? According to early data from MORI Research, announced by the Newspaper Association of America, 59% of adults identify newspapers as the medium they use for planning, shopping and purchase decisions, making newspapers the leading advertising medium cited by consumers for these activities. NAA President and CEO, John Sturm, says “… while new technologies have their place in any total marketing program… newspaper advertising remains the most powerful tool for advertisers who want to motivate consumers to take action… ”

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Do Adults Read Newspaper Inserts? Nearly 60% of adults say that they use newspapers to help plan shopping or purchasing decisions, according to early data from a new survey.

In a preliminary study, MORI Research polled more than 3,000 adults on behalf of the Newspaper Association of America to glean their planning, shopping and purchasing habits. More than 70% of respondents said they “regularly” or “occasionally” read newspaper inserts. Within the past month, 82% of adults said they took action because of a newspaper insert.

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Why Advertise in Newspapers?

Newspaper is the largest advertising medium…bigger than broadcast TV, radio, the Internet, direct mail and outdoor ads.

Newspaper advertising promises:

• Millions of readers
• Shoppers researching their purchases
• A highly educated and affluent audience
• Consumers driven to your Website
Millions of readers!
More than 54 million newspapers are sold daily, with an average of 2.4 readers per copy, which translates into nearly 130 million adult readers. On Sunday, 58 million newspapers are sold, with an average of 2.5 readers per copy, which adds up to 145 million adults.

• 48% of adults read a newspaper on an average weekday.
• 54% of adults read a newspaper on an average Sunday.
• 67% of adults read a daily newspaper in the past five days.
Shoppers researching their purchases!
Readers say their primary source for checking advertising is newspapers, remaining well ahead of direct mail.

Millions of daily or Sunday readers indicated they are planning to purchase the following within the next year:

• 37 million – electronics – cameras, wireless/cellular services, MP3 players, video games and DVD players
• 22 million – furniture
• 15 million – mattresses
• 14 million – high definition TV
• 15 million – computers
• 12 million – major appliances

39% say they visited a retail store as a result of newspaper advertising.

26% of daily newspaper readers have cut out an ad for later reference.

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“Newspapers Drives Online” 2007 study produced by Google with Clark, Martier & Bartolomeo, 2007 NAA Planbook

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